Sunday, July 03, 2011

I can hear music

One of the things which caused a bit of a pause in the sea change momentum was the idea that we were moving out of the city and away from good restaurants and entertainment. Not that I was out partying all the time, but you know, when you move to a new place you hope there is going to be some night life and not just some tribute show at the local RSL.

We pretty much hit the sea change jackpot by living near a Lizotte's. A Lizotte's is where oldish people like myself and my husband get to reminisce about their teenage and young adult years listening to the likes of Ian Moss (see pic of me and Mossy to the right), Johnny Diesel, Jimmy Barnes, Richard Clapton, Spy Vs Spy, The Church and Dave Graney.

With a background in catering for rock stars, Brian Lizotte and his wife Jo run a funky, vibrant establishment which offers great food and service (which sometimes can be hit and miss at other places on the coast).

Brian ALWAYS comes to talk to us, to check that we are being looked after, that the food is good but mostly we end up talking about the bands that are about to perform etc.

The menu is rotated, so every time we go we find something new and amazing to eat. Their regular offering of lemon myrtle dukkah is to die for.

And these guys are not your average restaurateurs.  In 2010 Brian was recognised for his services to the community through mentoring young people in the hospitality sector as well as showcasing local artists and local High School bands.

To top off my Lizotte love, I recently caught a show by one of my all time author/musician heroes Kinky Friedman. And because the venue is small, the Kinkster chatted with me for a while and signed one of my books.

Lizotte's now have venues in Newcastle and Dee Why which makes me jealous because I want them all to my coast self.

PS. This is not a paid advertisement. I have no connection to Lizotte's other than loving what they offer the music and food loving community on the Central Coast. I may however be infatuated with their dukkah.

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A Cajun Down Under said...

Looks like a great place to have fun! I seem to remember reading a Kinky Freedman book, but for the life of me I can't remember the title.